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Lead Generation

The methods for generating leads typically fall under the umbrella of advertising.Digital Media Solution is one of the best consultancy agency that efficiently provides lead generation services. We help you identify fresh sales opportunities by building a pool of new, qualified prospects for your products and services making failure impossible. Our Multi-channel Marketing approach sets the stage for your brand to approach your target decision makers through inbound and outbound calling, email-marketing, social media marketing and online outreach, whether it’s for further follow up or the finishing touch ups of a sales deal. We mold our lead generation to deliver what your business requires.

Business Management

Business Management means the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a not-for-profit organization, or government body. Digital Media Solution is a group of self-motivated, dynamic & qualified professionals working towards a common goal “customer satisfaction”.Our team comprises of MBAs, Lead Assessors, CAs& post graduates from reputed institutes. We design activities of an organization in a way that helps companies to accomplish its objectives through the application of available resources, whether its entrepreneurial & private business, family business services, IFRS and Advisory.


Our Search Engine Optimization strategies are efficient enough to provide a secure platform for marketing your business. We can provide you with SEO services that will help your website reach the front of the line (and stay there) so that potential clients across Canada can find you! Our Consultants are trained and certified in advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to deliver continued results and ROI on your online marketing expense. We can provide you with a comprehensive mix of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tools and techniques.

Sales and Marketing Services

We Digital Media Solution serve companies in increasing product sales through various promotional activities. Our campaigns are designed and developed to execute in a matter of hours, this includes the expert marketing consultation. This is powered through our highly efficient teams of designers and developers who understand the importance of optimized sales. In today’s highly competitive world, it is very much important to spread the word about your business, your products or services among the targeted customers and clients. It will be very tough to make your business and brand name to reach your targeted audience. One of the wisest ways to achieve this tough goal is to hire the best advertising agency across Canada that will ensure the right promotion of your business.

Digital Media Solution is the company in Canada seamlessly blends comprehensive brand knowledge, extensive competitive information, and intuitive consumer insight to create targeted communication that works.

Our business is all about our relationships with clients. We exist, we create, we deliver, and we succeed because of our clients and their trust in us. We work closely with them, add value in building their brands, create demand for their products and services and enhance their market share in today’s competitive marketplace.

Website Development and E-Commerce Solutions

We provide website design and development services for all types of businesses. Whether you need a corporate website, real estate website, restaurant website or you want to start an online store (e-shop), or just need a one page site to put your company on the World Wide Web we can help. Get the site with the best features, which each website need.

Branding & Positioning

A business without customers in no longer a business. Branding is about winning and keeping customers. It’s about influencing choice. Strong brands are more profitable and increase company value.

Digital Media Solution helps businesses of all types and sizes. We start from brand audit and offer services in brand consultancy, corporate branding, organizational branding, digital branding, consumer branding, branded environment, brand strategy, brand naming & tagline, and brand management.

From the initial idea to the final solution, our expertise ensures that we deliver projects of the highest quality with the best result for the client.

Brand profiling and positioning is the process used to influence customer choice. It’s the system used to make your brand highly visible, different, memorable and much loved by your ideal target customer.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Brand strategy is about creating an indestructible bond with your customers. Branding is about giving life to your products and making your business, something that people can vouch on. Our artistic, tactical and determinate ways will turn your inmost brand fantasy into reality.

Our social media experts work closely with brands, producing high quality content and will analyze your business and put your niche under the microscope. Your brand is bound to become a more active participant in social media with our innovative social media management strategies.

We create a conversation, listen and engage your potential customers with social media channels. In turn, this will create trust in the consumer’s mind and your product will be perceived positively. The more your customers are exposed to your brand, through various channels, the more likely they are to respond to your status updates. Social media is now seen as a highly efficient customer service tool as the majority of consumers now express their opinions of products and services online. Social media marketing and management can protect your brand’s values, trust, and loyalty.

Our key Finance & Accounting services are as follows

Accounting & Financial Advisory

Quality bookkeeping is vital to any business. We make it our mission to ensure that as an outsourcing partner, the financial transactions and records of the company are kept up-to-date and accurate.

By leveraging our bookkeeping capabilities, we can help reduce costs of routine clerical or accounting processes, allowing you the time and resources to focus on growing and developing the business.


Our financial advisory service is often responsible for more than just executing trades in the market on behalf of their clients. Our Capable Advisors use their knowledge and experience to construct personalized financial plans that aim to achieve the financial goals of clients. Such plans include not only investments but also savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies. Financial Advisors further check in with their clients on a regular basis and evaluate current market situation and future goals and plan accordingly.

Analyzing and processing the expenses incurred by the firm/employee on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis and preparing a cumulative reports.

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